Lost your phone? Don't panic. With Find My Phone, you can easily call your lost phone from Alexa. Works with iPhone, Android, Samsung, and any other device! The skill will find your phone even if it is on silent! No need to install additional apps. All counties are supported!


Add your phone number before you lose it!

1. To set up your phone, say “Alexa, open Find My Phone” and you’ll be asked for your phone number.
Please tell your phone number in international format. The number should start with your country code.
For example, US-based number: 1 415 5552671
UK-based number: 44 20 7183 8750

2. If you want your phone to ring even in silent mode, save phone number +1 (914) 252-3987 as a contact on your phone and enable emergency bypass (see instructions below)

3. You’re all set up! If you’ve lost your phone, say “Alexa, ask Find My Phone to call me”. Alexa will call your phone. Once you have found the device, simply say "Alexa, stop call" to stop ringing.

Alexa will call you from:
+ 1 (914) 252-3987


With Find My Phone subscription, you will get 10 calls each month. You can call mobile phones in any country. Find My Phone does not support landlines.


To ensure your phone will ring even in silent mode, follow the instructions depending on your device:

1. Create a new contact with phone number + 1 (914) 252-3987
2. Tap "Ringtone" in the contact editing screen
3. Check the "Emergency Bypass" option and tap Done twice.

1. The Android settings vary by version and device, but you can usually get to the Do Not Disturb controls by swiping down from the top of the screen to the Quick Settings box.
2. Tap the "Do Not Disturb" icon in the drop-down menu > Allow Exceptions > Calls From > Favourite Contacts Only
3. Then open Contacts app
4. Save a new contact with phone number + 1 (914) 252-3987 and set it as a favorite by tapping the star next to the contact name.


We do not sell your cell phone number to third-party companies.


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