Cally is your personal assistant who can call any person in the world and tell your message by voice. Just tell Cally a person's phone number and a message you want to pass. The assistant will call that person, and tell your message after she or he picks up the phone. No need to install additional apps. All counties are supported!

After you'll activate the skill, Cally will ask you for a name and your phone number. Cally needs this information to tell your contacts who's sending the message, so they can call you back if necessary.

How to make a call

1. Open Cally Assistant and say "Call" followed by the name of the contact. For example, "Call my Mom"

2. If this contact is not in your saved contacts list, Cally will ask you for a phone number. Tell the person's phone number in international format. The number should start with a country code, without "+" in the beginning.
For example, US-based number: 1 415 5552671
UK-based number: 44 20 7183 8750

3. Say a phrase you want Cally to say to this person. For example, "I love you".

4. Confirm the contact and the phrase.

5. Well done! Cally will start calling immediately.

The assistant will save the phone number of the person you called in your contacts list. Ask "Who is in my contact list" to see your contacts list. You can say "add contact", "change contact" or "remove contact" to make changes in your contacts list. This doesn't affect your phone's contacts book.

Example phrases

Say "Alexa, open Cally Assistant" to open the skill, and then say one of the following commands:

— "сall my mom and say I love you"

— "сall dad and tell that I missed the train"

— "сall my boss and say I will be late"

— "сall Max and say I'm on my way"

— "add contact Viki"

— "list my contacts"

For a quick call you can say:
"Alexa, ask Cally Assistant to call my Mom and say I love you"

Cally Assistant uses the following phone number to make calls (make sure that your operator doesn't block this number):
+ 1 (914) 252-3987


Please do not ask Cally to call people you don't know or who don't expect a phone call from you! The Assistant saves information about all your calls. In case of incidents, your account can be permanently banned! We do not sell cell numbers and the information about your calls to third-party companies. Cally Assistant doesn’t support landlines.