Voody is the “person” who exists via his email address, phone number or a bot. When you want to make an appointment, order, carry a message or request some information from someone, just ask the assistant to handle the conversation and he will do everything for you!

Make appointments

The technology can perform phone calls for you in order to book a restaurant reservation or make you a haircut appointment.

Call businesses

Voody can go through a maze of IVR menus and talk with an agent on your behalf or connect you once a real human agent picks up the phone. No more silly songs and waiting!

Make orders

Assistant can call or text requested online stores simultaneously, check product availability, and find the best price for the product you are interested in.


How it works

The assistant contacts the requested person and tells your message, ask a series of questions if need, and returns back to you with the report and a summary of the conversation. The technology generating conversations as naturally as possible, allowing people to speak normally. This helps you to avoid lots of messages going back and forth and save a lot of time.


Our Team

It's all about the people

Pavel Litvinko

Co-founder, CEO

7+ of experience in Software Engineering, 5+ years in Startups

Egor Vorobiev

Co-founder, CTO

Full-stack software engineer with 8+ years of experience, AI & ML Specialist

Echo Go - Amazon Alexa in your Browser

Amazon Alexa, the powerful virtual assistant found inside Echo speaker, is now available in your browser! It can play music, answer your questions and even control your smart devices, and all you need is an Amazon account and a microphone. That means you don’t need to buy an Amazon speaker to enjoy Alexa.


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